what we do

Day 2-2What we do

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs to develop real projects in collaboration with international partners and with global ambitions. All disciplines are welcome, as are all types of organization, from large corporations to Social entrepreneurs, cutting-edge start-ups, and NPOs.

Entrepreneurship is important. However, the definition of business in the 21st century includes large corporations, social entrepreneurs, crowd-funded group efforts, as well as projects that are built directly from pure research. If you have an idea that can be described clearly, with well-defined stakeholders and a potentially practical application, we encourage you to apply.

Collaboration is important. Whether you want to work with an established corporation, or build an NPO from the ground up in Japan or in a developing country, the main criteria is to have a clear vision and a plan for acting on it. Our role is to help you to develop your ideas and to consider how they apply on the global stage. Our own ambition it to help develop a culture of inquiry and innovation in Japan, and to connect with like-minded people around the world.

EDGE students are asked to clearly define a project, and to organize a group of collaborators and mentors both in Japan and overseas that will help them take the next step in their journey to create a new product or service. Successful applicants to the program will be given financial and technical support and will be aided in carrying out their project. The outcome of these efforts is to be shared at the biannual Global Innovation Forum in the form of a presentation and public discussion.



For successful applicants to the program EDGE SFC offers

  1. Funding and other support to try out a research or business idea
  2. Funding to travel overseas for up to one month and work with leaders in your field



  1. Must participate in the GIF Intensive Workshop
  2. Must present the outcomes of your work at a subsequent GIF Intensive workshop
  3. Develop a robust project plan



  1. the KEIO EDGE Global Innovator Program is co-organized by both SDM and SFC. Both share a focus on Project-Based learning and are open to participation from students and non-students, however each has its own application process and course content. Please look to the SDM guidelines for further information on their program.
  2. The EDGE SFC program is international in outlook. With this in mind the Global Innovation Forum is conducted entirely in English, and we likewise expect EDGE participants to work overseas with their collaborative partners. Some fluency in English is therefore required.