Global Innovation Forum

Attendance at the Global Innovation Forum intensive workshop and symposium is a prerequisite for application to the EDGE SFC Global Innovator Program.


The 2016 Workshop

About the Forum

The 3rd annual workshop is now open to applications. check out the 2017 website for details

Day 4 smallThe forum brings together students, professionals, and leaders in the fields of business, design, social innovation, and technology. Our purpose is to introduce a group of essential tools for building and maintaining a creative business. These include idea generation, business planning, and a how-to tutorial for presenting ideas to investors and collaborators. It also gives us a chance to introduce a key idea of the EDGE program, which is that the best business ideas come from open-minded observation and collaboration.

The forum is highly focused, but purposefully designed to be fun and built around an atmosphere of collaboration. Ideal participants come from any field, are open-minded, and curious.

Intensive Workshops

In order to deliver all of these ideas with the largest impact we have organized a series of intensive workshops, which can be taken either in the spring or the fall. Both are hosted at Keio University in order to take advantage of facilities including dormitory space or fabrication equipment. While the content is similar at each event KEIO SDM organizes the Fall Session, and KEIO SFC organizes the session in the spring. In general the workshops take place over 3 days and have from 40 to 60 participants. Group work is fundamental, and communication is in English.


The symposium offers a chance to see new ideas and meet potential friends and collaborators from other disciplines. The symposium is open to the public and we especially welcome the business community, government representatives, and anyone interested in innovation to join in.

Current EDGE students will present the outcome of their work alongside presentations by leaders in cutting-edge businesses, creative culture, and technology. Following the spirit of the forum, free discussion and critical thinking are encouraged in order to extend the work of the participants and to inspire new ideas among everyone involved.

Workshops are built around the theme of THINK, MAKE, and COMMUNICATE. We think the name speaks for itself, but you can get a better idea by looking at the event websites. March 2016, March 2015


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