Day 3-4

What our students are doing – 2015

The Edge Program is very diverse. What the projects have  in common is a willingness to push the boundaries and to work with difficult problems. Below is a list of the 2015 projects supported by the EDGE program. If you have an idea you want to try, or want to support one of these projects dont hesitate to contact us! EDGE PROJECTS 2015 Year Fieldwork Location Project theme D3 India Building a Smart City in hyderabad B3 Thai/Indonesia Building an international database model by co-coordinating geographic and quantitative environmental data D2 Iran Collective Sensing for Monitoring and Preserving of Trees on Urban Private Gardens M2 Vietnam Developing a bilateral credit


Educated Capture

  Devices and algorithms already allow us to capture and create 3D textured meshes. However, despite their high geometric accuracy, they remain bare meshes, without meaning. When we look at objects  with our human eyes it is easy to understand meaning in a shape and to distinguish one object from another. For a computer it is not the same. What a computer is capturing, and what a computer is ‘seeing’ is a different thing altogether. So we need to look again from the point of view of what a computer sees and try to separate the objects using computation, or at least give a bit of an edge to digital