Mr banks goes to kenya

   EDGE student Fahd Al-Guthmy wins the chance to pitch his idea for a better way to bank in Kenya at the Uber + Mettā event in Nairobi. Here is hoping that he will get backing for his project and continue to expand. Well done Fahd! Nairobi, your #UberPITCH is arriving now…

the group

interview with Assemble

Two of the members of the Turner prize-winning design collaborative joined us for a workshop in 2015. EDGE organizer Will Galloway took the opportunity to talk to them about how they got started and where they are going next – it’s worth the listen. Check it out here on the archinect website.


2016 KEIO EDGE Intensive Workshop and Symposium

We held our bi-annual intensive workshop and symposium at SFC this year, from March 4 to March 7. It was a remarkable effort by both students and staff and the final event finished up on a positive note. The theme of the 4 day event this year was survival, and participants were asked to come up with innovative ideas that made use of the internet of things. In the end the term survival was translated in many ways, from survival after disaster, to refugee displacement, to economic survival, and surviving the raising of an infant. The internet of things was made much easier this year because we had an almost

06 05 2015 - lecture AZP

Discussion with Alejandro Zaera-Polo

Alejandro Zaera-Polo delivered a provoking lecture on the meaning of sustainable design and globalization at Shimizu Hall in Tokyo on June 5, 2015. He was joined by Professor Yasushi Ikeda of Keio University and Professor Yusuke Obuchi of the University of Tokyo, as well as Naruki Ohashi of Shimizu corporation. Currently a professor at Princeton University in the Unites States Zaero-Polo is the architect of the revolutionary Yokohama Ferry terminal, which was begun some 15 years ago ( The hour long lecture was especially fascinating because it focused on issues that would normally be called sustainable design, without actually using the term. Zaera-Polo explained that he is not against the


We are looking for applicants to join the 2015 Fall Global Innovation Forum !

The 2015 Fall Global Innovation Forum is now open for applications! If you are interested in learning the skills needed to build an innovative business or how to come up with creative new ideas this is the place to be. We are conducting an intensive workshop and symposium this fall. September 20th (Sun) Kickoff Day: Discussion on Innovation; icebreaker event. September 21st (Mon) Day 2: Design Thinking workshop. Human-centered mindset and tools. September 22nd (Tue) Day 3: Systems Thinking workshop. Goal oriented mindset and system design methods. September 23rd (Wed) Day 4: Global Innovator Forum Symposium.  Keynote speeches, panel discussions, and presentations. The event will be held in ENGLISH (English