2016 KEIO EDGE Intensive Workshop and Symposium

We held our bi-annual intensive workshop and symposium at SFC this year, from March 4 to March 7. It was a remarkable effort by both students and staff and the final event finished up on a positive note.

The theme of the 4 day event this year was survival, and participants were asked to come up with innovative ideas that made use of the internet of things. In the end the term survival was translated in many ways, from survival after disaster, to refugee displacement, to economic survival, and surviving the raising of an infant. The internet of things was made much easier this year because we had an almost limitless supply of LITTLE BITS as well as other software tools and hardware.

Participants presented their final work after a brilliant input session from Microsoft’s presentation guru, Madoka Sawa. Following their presentations we had 5 excellent speakers introduce us to their work as they discussed the meaning of innovation in the networked age. Sam Bloch of Communitere  explained how he grew his gl0bal disaster recovery NPO from Haiti to Nepal, Shinya Murata described the steps involved in starting a genetically produced spider silk from bacteria in his young company, Spiber. Wienke Giezeman showed how easy it is to cover entire cities with the broadband network needed to make the internet of things real, in his most recent startup project The Things Network. Poh Kam Wong gave us a very challenging framework to understand everyone’s efforts, and Francois Guena showed us the kinds of ideas that emerged in the 1980’s when computers first began to be used in architectural design, and hinted at where we are going now that the technology is so ubiquitous.

We hope you will join us next year. We are getting better every time!



little bits!


survival jacket – concept sketch – ready to make the prototype


prototyping an app


Sawa San!


app development


how to build a better diaper


The Idea, 11:00 AM


a very rough prototype



Sam Bloch


Francois Guena


Shinya Murata


Poh Kam Wong


Wienke Giezeman