What our students are doing – 2015

The Edge Program is very diverse. What the projects have  in common is a willingness to push the boundaries and to work with difficult problems.

Below is a list of the 2015 projects supported by the EDGE program. If you have an idea you want to try, or want to support one of these projects dont hesitate to contact us!


Year Fieldwork Location Project theme
D3 India Building a Smart City in hyderabad
B3 Thai/Indonesia Building an international database model by co-coordinating geographic and quantitative environmental data
D2 Iran Collective Sensing for Monitoring and Preserving of Trees on Urban Private Gardens
M2 Vietnam Developing a bilateral credit scheme for managing water in Vietnam
M2 Congo Beveloping a construction system in service to a new public space in the Democratic Republic of Congo
M2 Vietnam Building a model for sustainable design – Connecting housing and community in vietnam
D3 Latvia/Italy Complete model for energy usage including study of green energy introduction, determination of influence to environment based on Mathematical Model of Meaning, and energy distribution and management system development.
M2 USA Using IT Tools in support of education for Japanese Americans – introducing to the Japanese teaching method
Singapore/Cambodia Internet of Things and monitoring technology for Urban Movement – India, Hyderabad
D1 USA With regards to the smart city concept in Hyderabad – Research and App development based on the potential for open government and democracy
D2 USA Educated Capture – scanning and discerning objects thorugh intelligent programming
D1 India Batteryless and Wireless Sensor System for Critical Civil Infrastructure Monitoring
Congo the Youth Leader Training Program in the Venture Projects of the Japan Cultural Centre
M1 Mongolia Mining and Its impact on local community in Khanbogd soum, Mongolia/Collect data, Questionnaire, take photographic/
M2 Mongolia Impact assessment of Tannery industry on water quality in Tuul river
B4 Congo Practical Research on Changes in Behaviour and Career Development at the ACADEX Elementary School, Democratic Republic of Congo
M2 Mongolia Environmental Impacts of Gold Mining in the Zaamar Goldfield, Tov province, Mongolia